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getting leads as a painter

3 Tips for Getting Leads as a Painter

By the year 2029, the worldwide paint and coating industry is expected to be valued at $235 billion, according to Statista. If you are in the painting industry, you may want to start claiming your share of the pie now. You can do this by getting more leads. Since this industry is so large, you may be looking for new, creative, and innovative ways to go about getting leads as a painter. But, there are many tried and true methods that can help when it comes to getting leads as well. Here are three tips for getting leads as a painter.

1. Set Up a Functional Website

If you are looking to get leads as a painter, one of the best things that you can do is to set up a functional website. Many painters do not understand the value of having a website. More people than ever turn to the Internet to help them find contractors, and if you do not have a fully functional website, people simply may not be able to find your business.

2. Utilize Search Engine Optimization

In addition to setting up a functional website, you need to utilize search engine optimization techniques. Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps to increase your rankings with search engines. When people are looking for a painter in your area, you want to rank well with search engines so new clients can find you.

3. Place Business Signs in Front of Homes You Are Painting

The internet is a great place to find new clients, but one of the most overlooked methods of getting leads as a painter is to place your business signs in front of a home or business you are painting. People will drive by and see your company name and see the quality of the work you are doing. This is a great way to advertise your services directly in a local neighborhood that you serve.

Getting leads as a painter is important, as you constantly need new leads to stay in business. While there are many unique ways to obtain leads, some of the best methods are tried and true methods that have been used for years. This includes setting up a fully functional website, utilizing search engine optimization, and placing business signs in the front yard of the houses or businesses you are painting. Using each of these techniques is a great way to get new leads into your painting business.