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What are the 4 P’s of Marketing?

If you're a marketing industry veteran, you're probably familiar with the 4 Ps of marketing. You know that creating a high-quality marketing campaign takes strategy and development from the foundational level.

However, for most painting businesses growing brand awareness, creating a strong marketing strategy can seem like a challenge.

Whether you're seeking to revise your current digital strategy or a new painting business learning about the marketing mix to create a marketing plan, our team is here to help. Our overview of the 4 Ps of marketing mix will help you reach your target market and enjoy the success your business deserves.

The Marketing Mix: 4 Ps of Marketing

The 4P's, otherwise known as the marketing mix, are the foundation of many successful marketing strategies. Understanding these concepts can help you elevate your brand and reach your target audience more effectively, contributing to your company's success.

To successfully apply the 4 P's of marketing to your company strategy, it's ideal to have a robust understanding of the four Ps.


Leading the marketing mix concept is the first of the four Ps of marketing: product. Your product offering might seem obvious at first, but this term might encompass more than you think.

The term product actually refers to any physical products or services that meet the needs of potential buyers. A product can be a tangible good, like an object, or something intangible like a service or information. In the vase of painters, this is typically focused on services.

One of the key elements of any successful strategy for marketing in the digital age is a full understanding of:

  • what the services are
  • what it delivers to customers
  • what sets it apart from similar services

To guide your understanding of your service as one of the 4 Ps, ask yourself these questions:

  • For what purpose do our customers buy our services?
  • Do our services satisfy that purpose?
  • If another company offers our services, which features or qualities are unique about our services?
  • Which features or qualities of our services could improve to satisfy our customer base better?


Next in the chain of 4 P's in the marketing mix is price. This is the cost that your customers pay for your service, and finding the right price is critical for marketing success.

Many factors play into price determination. You must consider and weigh the monetary value, perceived value, and production costs of the service against any profit goals.

It's a good idea to price-compare against similar competitors in the market to ensure that you have competitively priced your product or service.

Some questions you can ask to guide your marketing price are:

  • How valuable is our product or service from the customer's perspective?
  • Are the price and results of what we offer well-balanced? Simply put, are we cost-effective?
  • Are we priced higher than similar competitors?
  • How attractive will our price be if our marketers include it in a promotion?


Speaking of marketing promotions, next up in the marketing list is place. While this might seem straightforward, place as a part of the marketing mix refers to far more than just the physical location of your company.

For marketers to successfully advertise or sell a company's services, they need to know the demographics (and geographics) of where your company will perform the work.

A strong marketing understanding can help determine the best distribution channels for your product. For example, if your target audience is new homeowners, social media marketing will likely perform well.

When considering the right place to market a product, it helps to ask:

  • Where is our target customer group shopping?
  • Are those locations online?
  • Does our target customer group typically use desktop or mobile devices?

It's important to remember that while most transactions with your company may occur in one location, your customers may interact with your business or sales promotions in various places. Look for the physical evidence.

Therefore, being familiar with the locations and promotional activity that your customers love can help you improve the way your customers experience and interact with your company.


Last up in the four Ps of marketing is promotion. Promotion of a product refers to when marketers advertise that product using marketing communications.

Successful promotion of your painting company requires a comprehensive understanding of the key marketing mix factors as well as working knowledge of marketing subgenres, such as email marketing.

Combining the public relations image of your brand with what your ideal customer base needs, marketers create targeted marketing messages that will generate the traffic you need.

When designing a successful advertising campaign, it helps to ask yourself:

  • How will we market our product to our target consumer group?
  • Where does our product stand in its class?
  • When is the best time to market our product?
  • How do our competitors market their products?

Using the 4 P's to create effective marketing strategies

Successfully marketing is the fastest route to brand success. The 4 Ps marketing mix can guide you as you market any product or service. As an overview, the key factors are:

  • Fully understand your offering, its features, and what it provides to people who buy it.
  • Know both the real and perceived value of your offering, as well as how competitors price similar offerings.
  • Combine your knowledge from questions 1-2 to design a promotional strategy that truly fits.
  • Test, revise, and review your current marketing strategy. Be open to improvement and change as your customer base and distribution methods require it.

When You Need Help with Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy, Call Us!

Successful marketing is complex, but it doesn't have to be a hassle. While many small painting businesses turn to marketing automation software, depending on a marketing automation tool is not the same as consulting with a human marketing expert who can help you craft the most relevant strategies for your particular needs.

We have the experience and knowledge to help guide you as you grow your brand. So please reach out to us today to ask about our comprehensive marketing services. Also, be sure to look at our other blog posts for information that might help you market your painting business and experience the success you and your company deserve.