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Alex Corral

Guest Interview: Alex Corral of Cabinet Coating Kings

Alex Corral

Alex Corral, founder and owner of Cabinet Coating Kings, shares the positive mindset he embraces and has dubbed “boomnomenalism,” and the power he's seen in transforming his own life. An entrepreneur through and through, Alex bet on himself when starting his business by emptying his bank account to purchase 3 spray booths, all with $0 in revenue. Alex believes that how you talk is how your life will turn out, and he provides actionable advice to our listeners about how to enact gratitude, maintain self-awareness, and celebrate your wins, all while avoiding the defeatist mindset that can come when comparing yourself to others.

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Topics Discussed:

  • What the heck is “boomnomenalism,” and why does it matter
  • How to grow your business with wings, not carrying a heavy boulder
  • Why your brain is on auto-pilot, and what you MUST do to shake it up
  • Operating on your highest frequency each day is the key to success
Audio Transcript


Welcome to the Painter Marketing Mastermind Podcast, a show created to help painting company owners build a thriving painting business that does well over one million and annual revenue. I'm your host Brandon Pierpont founder of Painter Marketing Pros and creator of the popular pc, a educational series, learn do grow marketing for painters. In each episode, I'll be sharing proven tips, strategies and processes from leading experts in the industry on how they found success in their painting business. We will be interviewing owners of the most successful painting companies in north America and learning from their experiences on this episode of the Painter Marketing Mastermind podcast.

We host Guest Alex carroll Alex is the founder and owner of cabinet coding Kings, a cabinet re finishing company based in Orlando florida that does several million dollars in annual revenue. In this episode, Alex shares the positive mindset he embraces and has dubbed boom nominal ism and the power he's seen that in transforming his own life. An entrepreneur through and through Alex bet on himself when starting his business by emptying his bank account to purchase three spray booths, all with $0 in revenue. If you want to learn more about the topics we discussed in this podcast and how you can use them to grow your painting business, visit painter marketing pros dot com forward slash podcast for free training as well as the ability to schedule a personalized strategy session for your painting company again that you are l is painter marketing pros dot com forward slash podcast Alex, Thanks for coming on the market master my podcast man um super excited, I'm grateful that you have me on and uh you know, I hope the viewers get all the golden nuggets they needed here today, I love it. So tell us a little bit about cabinet coating cakes. Okay, so cabinet coding Kings is based out of Orlando florida, I started about 2. 5 years ago, I started I split from another company, I was with that, you know, I built up to a you know, doing about a million um a year, just cabinetry finishing. I'm a person who likes to be in a certain energy and a certain wavelength of you know, vibrancy, so I'm try to attract myself to that the happiest, the most uh inspirational environment and that other company, the owner of it was not that person, you know, to um you know grow with because of his uh I would say negative energy. So I split In 2019 and I started my own um Cabinet coding Kings. And within the first six months we were doing 6-8 jobs the first year we brought in over a million. Um and now in the second year we did 1. 5, 3rd year right now we're doing about eight jobs a week. Um I just bought another shop, so I have 2000 square foot uh 22,000 square foot shops by the end of the year, we, you know my goal is to be doing 12-14 jobs a week. That's great man. So you guys just do cabinet Cody re finishing. That's it. I could, I could honestly have a countertop business. I can have a flooring business. I could have every business you could think of just because my customers, you know, always ask me. Um But I I, you know, stayed away from that and I constantly like I'm in a master cabinet re finishing, I'm gonna be the best at this, I'm gonna b the company the standard here. Um and then I'll just find other companies to refer um who are, you know, wanting to do the same thing as I am and it's worked out the best because now I'm not spreading myself thin and I'm not trying to learn too many things, you know, in the future, I would say I could uh you know, steve pivot, you know, horizontally but right now, you know, I'm really getting the systems down so that in the future we can just spread like wildfire. Sure. So, so what made you choose? I mean, it sounds like you were working in it previously, but what made you choose to niche into cabinet? Re finishing? Only well on it. It's a funny story actually. Uh So before this, I never did anything in construction, I would be the one who doesn't know anything about anything, right? Uh I'm not handy, nothing. I was actually, I was like, I had restaurants and nightclubs and that's what I did? So I was really good with branding, marketing, advertising, you know the best place and best environment to be in. Um I realize very quickly realized that wasn't gonna be the best life for me for what I wanted to do um in the future with my family and you know my life. So I kinda, I got out of that as quick as possible, I was very successful with that. Um but I decided to just cut all ties and and leave. So I was actually going to get a job my background mainly in sales. So I was gonna be a sales director for the center mark for their epoxy flooring um all across florida house, get trained the sales team. So it was a 100 $100,000 job plus commission. I had a month to until I was going to sign the deal. My buddy called me, he's like hey I have this cabinet re finishing business, you wanna help me for a month? I'm like yeah man that sounds cool, I don't know how to do it, just teach me I'll help you for sure. Ah Long story short, I ended up denying the the sales job. I joined him with his team. We grew that to that uh you know certain point until I realized you know he wasn't gonna be the best person for me to be around and then I got into this. So I would say this is kind of the only thing I ever learned to do in the construction industry. How long did you work with? Uh your friend? About a year and a half. So I built out like I built out, so they was doing like two jobs a week. We got to like 56. So I kind of built out how it was scheduled. Uh we both built out management, he did more of the system of the process. So I learned that mostly from him. Um, and then I, you know, made it a little more efficient now. Um But yeah, I mean, well I learned a lot. I, I built a lot of that uh structure so that when I left and did my own, I it was pretty much, I was just pivoting to what I already, I would say developed, you know, so it wasn't difficult, but I put the, I put the hard work in to figure it out because there was a lot of headaches, a lot of like nervous times in growing that business because we were one of the newer uh niches. So we were learning as we were growing. Uh, so I definitely put in the blood, sweat and tears the faith in growing that. But in doing that, you know, sometimes they say you work more in the beginning than what you actually make and then in the long run you were a glass for how much comes in and I would say, I believe that statement for sure. You definitely put in your time you learn the craft and you know, things get easier over time if you have the faith and you go for it because you could just stay, I could have stayed, I could have been scared and stayed. But you know, I have faith and um I wanted better for myself. Sure. Yeah. You gotta gotta front load it, believe in it, take a bet on yourself. Let's talk about mindset for a little bit because before we started recording, you were you were talking about how you started this company with with a very specific mindset. I'd love to hear more about that. Yeah. So um I started the mindset, I left and I built a shop so I had 20 grand in my bank account. Okay. When I was done with the build out, before I started my first job Had about 79 cents. Alright, so that, but that's how I'm all in. I'm an all inner like I go and I have a strong belief and we're gonna get it done. Like I've done it many times. Um But I built a spray, I built a shop with three spray boots because I built it like um I wasn't planning on doing the jobs, I wasn't opening the company for me to do jobs, I was opening the company so that I can have 3-5 crews doing the jobs and I could manage sell uh do the admin and all the other stuff so I built my first shop with three spray booths Knowing I was gonna get to 5, 6 jobs um a week and I guess with that momentum with that faith, with that energy, You know within six months I was doing the 56 jobs a week. And the only reason I did that was because I built a shop, I started from the beginning with like digging the well right, like I already had my vision and you know then the people came that filled the positions to have my vision come true. Um so it's been a fantastic journey of mindset, being a business owner and growing and you know having um you know these human beings are your texts or your employees, you know begin the, I would say the stride of trusting you because that that I work in a in a place where my guys and myself are a family, they don't look at me like oh he's the boss, watch out there like hey he Alex is our family, you know we got to do these things or he's gonna get mad at us but he always has our back, I'm empathetic, I love my guys, I call him phenomenal as much as possible, I look at them in their eyes like they're the best you know person that they've ever been. Um and I build them because I had to build myself up from a low place and I have a lot of empathy, I know everyone's filled with greatness. Um I just need a good character to start. Um and that's how I built my business. I actually, I I was doing nine jobs in that first year, but I had the wrong people, I had to fire half the people go back 4-5 jobs, keep the good apples then have them. Trust me again that I wasn't gonna do that to them. What, like just be patient and and feed into them and love them and have faith that it will grow back again and now a year later, we're right back to that point where I was a year ago, but with hardly any stress, everyone with great camaraderie, like we're such a team, we're such a family now, I'm going into this next shop, everyone's excited about the growth. So one thing I could tell people out there when you're trying to grow, just growing and getting the money in, you know, it's if you're in it for that, it's greed and it's gonna come back at you and it's not gonna be as beautiful as it could be, if you actually get the right people the character that people at heart you see through them and you build them up so they can start trusting and knowing this world can be a good world and you know, there is good bosses out there and they'll be loyal and do great work and then it's like a big family and there's no stress and you're running a multimillion dollar business. It's well for me my journey has been up and down. Should I sell the business or not like many times, but I stuck in there and I saw the vision of what I wanted and I proclaimed it into my guys every monday morning. I do a sermon of mindset of being your highest frequency energy vibrancy. But in your own moments don't compare yourself to anyone else in every moment of your life. What's the highest frequency energy vibrancy you could be at so you're making your best decisions and then you're getting asked out of the hamster wheel of making the same decisions over and over and over and now your life starts changing and becoming better and you start becoming happy. Yeah man. Are you, I mean it sounds like you're really connected to your guy, Sounds like that's a big part of your mission. Um yeah is focused on that. Are you working with W two employees or contractors subcontractors? But I so let's put it this way some want to make more money. So I have them 1099 but they're on, it's a contract where they, you know I have them specifically contracted out every year, you know, so They could do side work if they want but they usually don't, I give them plenty of jobs, big jobs, they just like to take the rest on the weekends. The W 2s. You know if they want to have more of the workers comp security with that Um you know it's up to them what choice they want but obviously if they're 1099 they need to give me their workers comp exemption uh liability insurance and uh you know I do it by the book Alex. Do you have a family? four Kids, 4 dogs, You have four kids and four dogs. Yeah and I run the business. What did you have when you started this? Three kids three dogs, three kids every time you have a kid you get a dog or is it or is it actually uh that I had two dogs and then someone who worked with me had some lab puppies and I went to his house to give him a check for a job And dude he had like 12 beautiful labrador retrievers in a pen just in disgusting situation. So I'm like I'm like I'm gonna take two of these and save their life because they're gonna die here. Um And then I got home and my wife my wife's like what the heck are you doing? Um But that's just me, I do stuff like that sometimes does your wife does she work or does she stay at home? You have a lot of kids. Yeah so she actually works full time from home and takes care of the kids but I've I've done such a good job, Well I've done such a good job with the business where I'm done using doing appointments by 1:00 and I'm at home usually by one. Okay nice, so even running like a $2 million 1:00, so I wanna back up here Alex, that's impressive, but but I'm kind of hung up on this idea that you had, I assume you and your wife Have in the vicinity of $20,000 together right now. No, when you started this case, Oh yeah, well I had the 20 and then she had whatever, she like we split that and then we have a joint one, but she was like you know go you know that's the only way you're gonna be happy Alex if you go for this. So I mean we just went that's a huge bet hey if you're not with someone who if someone if you're not with someone who's willing to bet on you when but she hey she question me and I was convicted like she held your feet to the fire a little bit there. Yeah she's like you sure like but with this question I'm like I gotta do it, she's like you sure because those three or four times where I was like no I'll just stay because I wanted to say let me tell you something Brandon, me and that kid, if we're together now you would know that company, it would be nationwide. I was awesome at one thing, he was awesome at another. Unfortunately he couldn't overcome his ego and have a nice mindset and trust and share so you know now you know I took over Orlando um so it was unfortunately didn't want to leave, it was just more of a, he kind of forced me to, so you you obviously took a big risk, You took a gamble on yourself, you essentially invested um pretty heavily in your business before you had the work. How did you get the work then? You know you you will outlay essentially all the money in your bank account, build, build these three spray booths, what do you do? How did you get the business? So I did have some people who wanted to work with me and not with the other companies. So I did have a couple of jobs lined up. No, no I did do this, I told that I go look I go uh I don't want you have to call them and let them know that's what you wanna do because they call when I left there like hey they said you're not with them anymore. But yeah, I started my own thing, you gotta tell them to that you want to uh take back your deposit with them and come with me, I'm like that you were there's but but I I was the personality, I was that company, you know, everyone knew. Yeah. And then the and I called it, I call everyone every morning. I I did all the customer service. So like these people trusted me, not the company, they wanted a relationship and that's why I'm so um I would say such a branded company now, because it's like, I still do it and I will continue to do it in a way right now, I'll, you know, get my sales, people get the admin. Um, but they all have my culture. It will be a phenomenal culture. I call my culture, boom nominal ISm because I say, boom a lot and I say phenomenal a lot. So I'm like, you know what, I'm gonna start boom nominal ISm and what that is, is be like not comparing yourself to anyone else being your highest frequency energy vibrancy in every situation so that you rise all the time and you become better all the time. And you see, and you're self aware and you get away from your ego and you can, you know, Aristotle says, wisdom is knowing thyself. So if you can't step back from yourself and be like, hey, these are where I could shift and pivot and maybe do a little different where my life can be less stressful or I got more time with my family. You know, if you don't try to change things and take some risk here and there. I mean, you're just gonna the same things are gonna happen, It's inevitable. We're we are an autopilot. Our brain is an autopilot of a computer. It's it has its normal mindset. So if we don't become aware and and visually like try to change ourselves and our thoughts and our actions, we will have the same outcomes in life. Yeah, I love that. You know, there's a saying the what is the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, make a different result, but, but most people don't recognize what you just said right there is that we we do, we default to routine. We're biologically structured to default to routine. It's it's essentially a conservation of energy and efficiency. And so we will just continue. We'll go into a rut without even knowing that we're in a rut. If we don't consciously forcefully change it, you wanna hear something cool? I want to hear all the, all the cool things. I have a lot of people call it weird, but I think it's cool anyways. Um, so, well, my manager, uh, he's my gm, he's phenomenal um, a year and a half ago, I would say he was in depression. Uh, never thought he'd be happy. Always had negative speech by the way, how you talk is how your life turns out. We get into that another time. Um, but a year and a half later, now the guys so confident, so happy, so motivated because we worked on ourselves and he believed in me and he noticed that what I was saying never changed for two years and that now his life is so much better. He's so optimistic about his life because he changed and pivoted his perspective on life. That's all you have to do. Like think about a golf swing if you hit into the woods and then you tee it back up and you just shift that driver head a centimeter, you could be right in the fairway. Like that's all you have to do is shift like a little thought and it takes time. Like a lot of people don't understand, we are addicted to our thoughts, We're addicted to our routines. Like it's like if we were addicted to a drug or alcohol, we are addicted to our thoughts. That's why when we try to change, we feel so bad. But the only reason you know you feel bad is because before you couldn't even understand that you were feeling that bad. So you should be happy that you can actually be aware of how bad you were actually feeling and that's how you grow. So that's why uncomfortable. You're uncomfortable. You're growing because you're, you're not used to that, you know, So I always tell my guys you're having a bad day phenomenal. It's because you're noticing how bad you used to feel and you and you can't wait to feel better, want to dive into that. So when you're saying, you know, you hit it into the the woods and you just need to pivot a little bit um your project manager being pretty negative now. Super positive. Give me specifics for people who are listening. What kinds of specific thoughts did you used to have? Do you see other people have and how can they, you know, how can they change it? Can I have a I'm gonna take 2-5 minutes here to really to let people know about me real quick so they understand I'm not so I call myself mr boom, nominal, Okay, that's just because that's my practice and I wanna be at my highest frequency energy vibrancy at all moments. Brandon I wake up in the morning not feeling like superman. Some days I feel like complete doo doo. All right. Like I don't wanna do anything. Am I worthy of anything? Like, should I be expanding this? If is it gonna fail? Are you dude, I get I get all the negativity thrown in my body, it's all up in me and I stopped and I'm aware I go, hey, that's fear and scarcity. I go, I have the choice right now to all to pivot to say all right, I may feel this way, but I will be at my highest energy frequency and vibrancy in the most positive way I can today and my intention is to be fearless, even though I'm feeling fearful and my attention today, my intention today is to, you know, be there for someone who needs me because if I'm not at my highest energy and someone comes at me with a problem or an issue or, or with their low energy, you know, I may not be able to bring them up and you know, change their day. You know, you get a bad situation with your business, someone calls in and you're in a bad state, you know how easy it is to let them have it, but you need to be go above your ego, you gotta be above your energy, um, and a higher power so that you are the bigger person, that's what that means. You're the bigger person, not of anyone else of yourself because you're not acting in your autopilot, you're the bigger self and you're getting better and every time that you're able to be aware of that lower thought and raise above it, it's the biggest wins you'll ever that you'll never know because we don't get an award for that. It's just months later when you're consistent and you believe and you stay disciplined because with spirituality and faith and belief, they're still discipline, you gotta be disciplined in the faith and it's invisible, like it's invisible. You you don't know it's your changing or good things are happening, right? It's not materialistic. A lot of people uh in construction or in any any businesses like, yes, I made 100,000 this year a million, I don't give a sh it about that. If my guys were jerks, I would shut it down. I go, I need to live a happy life growing phenomenal people who change the world. If you ask any of my guys, they would all say we work at a mental level. Elevating academy as cabinet refinished. That is the first, you know, I've heard a lot about sales companies, sales and marketing companies, people companies, leadership companies. You just said a mental elevating academy. That's what I want. That's I'm a, I got, look, I've been doing it with this certain passion in my heart that um I know you guys know Tanner Mullen, he's been in my life for 10 years. He spoke some truth to me 10 years ago that changed my life and it's never God entered at that point and you know, whatever you believe in, that's up to you, but you know, I believe strongly in in God and in this universe that when we give our faith and belief and positivity to it, it will work with us. Here's a little example of how I see how God works with us. Um so Brandon, I'm gonna bring you in with this when you give someone a present, right? And this person is so excited, so grateful. Like how does that make you feel? It's pretty awesome right? And you're like, man, I want to get this guy another president. Like you made me feel great now say you give someone a present and they're like thanks dude, how do you feel? I have to go by better. No, I don't feel great a little bit. Get a little deflated, right? But then do you want, do you want to go buy them another gift? I usually psychoanalyzed kind of what went wrong, But then I'm not super motivated um do it again. So I see like God and the universe like that too. So we don't realize it, but We breathe air for free every day. I heard this podcast of the day where this guy was saying his grandma has to pay $500 a day to breathe air in the hospital. So like that little bit like we get as much air as we want like that. We could think of abundance like that. I have an abundance of air to live uh our house. Sometimes we don't think, you know, our house is, is I'm so grateful for my house. We're always thinking in, in what we don't have, I don't have that bigger house. I don't have that million dollar company. I don't have that $5 million dollar company. So even though we have great things were still thinking and lack and scarcity and we to get to those goals when thinking and lack and scarcity you have to bulldoze through and it's, it takes so much energy then when you can be grateful for every little thing along the way to the bigger house because you already have everything you need now and you know you're gonna, you know the universe and God and yourself will work together to get you that bigger house but you don't even care if you get it or not because you got everything that you need right now and when you think that way, when you're just so grateful all the time, you're already in the vibrancy of of getting and and you'll get those things that maybe you've been trying for for so many years in a year or two, just like with my company, you know like and uh it's the gratuity like just be grateful like oh I'm breathing. If you're ever feeling negative, just be like take a deep breath and exhale and be like, oh man that feels good man, I just got some free air like thank you God, like just start being thankful and I know it's so tough to, to say that because I was in a place where all this ship, did it make sense? Okay, I had, this is 10 years of me going on and on on and off of this stuff like and not having a mentor, it was me just there, a passion inside where I'm like there's no way there's no reason why I have to be miserable every morning. I'm like why am I miserable? I have lot of great things, why am I miserable? Because I never felt I had what I wanted, I always was wanting the next thing instead of enjoying all the phenomenal things I had, and when I tweaked that man that I have so much more energy every day to do and I do more than I did before And I, after I go like say six appointments in sales, right, call, handle all my business stuff, I go home and I help out at the house and, or I'll work out, you know, because I have the energy because I wasn't draining myself, pushing myself to something I don't want, but I'm doing something in just being grateful, I get the opportunity to do it, you know, if you want a million dollar business, you're gonna have to do some shit to get there, you know, it's not just gonna be like, boom, oh thanks, I got I got it, thanks God, you know, like, I think I got it, I think I'm glad you clarified that you still, there's the struggle and the fight is still still happens, you just have a great actor, but, but you can, you can do it with a big boulder on your back or you could do it with wings, yep, and that all falls on your perspective on what you're doing for every task, you know? So that's raising your mindset too, so if you hate doing systems, which isn't my thing, I don't really like writing systems, but when I'm like, you know what, I'm grateful to write this system so that in a year or two I might be able to sell this for a lot of money to people because you know, I've mastered this thing. Um and I'll become more of a master at this. Doing this is, you know, making sure the system is perfect. You know, then I get through it right, It's kind of like run, I like to run right and I put weights on my arms to make it harder. And when I run halfway through my run, I usually run a 5K with like 15 lbs of weights. Like I'm pretty done at that point and I'm like, no, like what am I good? I can't stop now, what am I gonna call Uber? I gotta go back home regardless of what your mind thinks. And it's the same thing when you're doing paperwork, your minds like, oh, we don't want to do this, We don't want to do this. That's when you gotta get elevated above it and say and you stop thinking and it's like, no, this is the goal, we're gonna go to this point. And like there's no stopping if I stop here, I'm stranded. So you gotta go and and trust everybody listening. I am going through all this stuff with you guys, okay, Like I haven't mastered any of this. I'm literally telling you things that um, sorry, someone came in, I'm literally telling you um golden nuggets that have helped me the best through all the hours and hours and hours of seeking of what works best with my mind and actually um discipline it to think different. Okay, so I'm giving you all these things that I'm working on now so that you can get better, that's that have worked for me, so you might have to see what works for you. But these things really work for me and I feel like I can articulate them pretty simply so you can start practicing and this is just like basketball or any other business, like you gotta learn to dribble and then you gotta learn to go between your legs, you gotta, it's a learning process and it's consistent if you're not consistent, you're never gonna be able to elevate just like anything else. So it's a practice that you got to discipline yourself on. So it sounds like a lot of a big piece of your journey and your success has been learning to be grateful. Like really celebrating gratitude what you have the fact that you can breathe air and and in being grateful, being grateful for the house, you have the success whatever level it is that you have at that moment, it actually almost um it almost makes it easier for you to then actually achieve more success, whereas if you were if you were just instead focused on, No, I want more on with this, I want that, it would actually make it more difficult and ironically almost slow your growth. Yes, but it's the hardest, it's it's the simplest thing and the most difficult thing to grasp because think about this, think about life like a video game, okay, because it kind of is each level gets harder. Mhm. Okay, so like you can, and if you stay at a low level, life's boring or the game is boring, right? If you stay at the same level, you're like, oh I hate this board, this board. Uh It's like it's I'm so like, you know everything that's gonna happen, you know, it's no fun anymore. So you know, I see it like that, I'm like I well um I got comfortable in this level, it's time to level up, you know, because you don't, unless you got the right mindset, you need to take a little break to breathe and enjoy what you have and then muscle up again, you know, because you could burn yourself out if you don't know how to do it properly. Okay, so that's very important to I've learned that and it happened to me. Um But with Leveling up and it being a video game, like who cares if, you know, you lose, you know, you're trying in the trying, you know, in video games you start learning the the level more and you start getting better at the level and eventually you learn the level and the boss so well that you beat the level. So it's the same thing with every aspect of your life because you can't just go hard in business and where's your family? Then you go home and there's controversy and then there's stress. So like if you don't balance it all out, there's gonna be stressed somewhere if you don't work out, if you don't eat right, your health is gonna be the stress. You know, if if you don't work on your mindset, which no one does, I feel in this industry, like how I do, you're completely eft because you're like there's this is straight like contractors that this lifestyle is stressed okay. Um So you like I feel, I feel I tell all my guys, I go learn your mind, learn to be so structured in your mind where nothing external, you know can affect you, you know, be so strong internally, that you know, you're a powerful human being, where you don't give your power to anything externally and that's that's how that's why I say it's like a game like you go out, do your thing, you don't care if you get that bigger house, but you're still attempting to get it and you know, even if you fail, you're not like, oh I failed, you're like okay whatever I learned all this in this experience and now I'm gonna get up again and and I'm gonna get to that point where I could get these things, you see what I'm saying, So it's all perspective on how you, how you see everything and that's what I teach my guys. I go, you can see um so like eli, let me bring him up again, like a year ago, we had touch ups dude, the kid would crumble when we had touch ups, I would be like, oh my God, he's gonna quit, you know, like, but I would talk to him for a half hour hour, he would talk it out, we'd talk it out now, like I have a touch up team now, but um the guy is so solid now, he nothing fazes him, he's like let's go, let's do it, and I have to get accustomed to him being like that because I'm like, oh what? That's awesome. You know? Like I'm like, yes, but I, you know, I put the I put the time to show him that your you could think differently and things come into your life to make you grateful because when we don't have touch ups, you can be super grateful when we do, you know, do it the best way to think about the customer, you know, and how they feel that we gotta go do one and then you go there, you're happy, you you do your thing, you go with the customer and then we grow, everyone grows, everyone wins. You know, it's a win win for everyone when you're at your highest frequency energy vibrancy, that's how I feel, I'm super passionate about it. So for people listening, who um you know, they, they like what you're saying, they'd like to try it. I don't really know where to start. How do you start with this? Yeah. Um I would say the, I was trying to think about this the other day to uh put it into perspective, I would say, I think an easy way to start is, you know, seeing where your uh being more aware of yourself, like in every moment, right? Like how do you handle situations and then, you know, try to be, try to be aware enough to elevate your, your energy, your frequency and your vibrancy to where you, if you're really upset, you can push away the ego and be like, no, I'm gonna I'm not gonna let myself go into stress or panic or anger, I'm gonna relax, breathe it out and then act in a different way. Um you know, I started with, now I'm on another level, but I, you know, I started with Tony Robbins, Les Miles or less Brown. Um Well, um you know, all those guys, there's a guy called joe um dispense a who's really good, who puts in uh like science with spirituality, joe dispenser. Like that really helps out. Um you know, they can, they can really help you grow and understand what I'm talking about. Um you know, there's a lot of people out there who are are kind of mastering it to try to help people um let it in a little easier. So I would say just to spend great because he actually shows you the science of how when you're feeling high vibrancy um how much more energy and power you have um with attracting stuff because however your energy, so if you have a negative energy you're gonna attract negativity, you're like a battery. So you wanna be as grateful as loving. Uh Yeah giving as you can um in a frequency where you're also receiving those things but also not naive, right? You just don't want to like pick anyone and give them stuff. You got to really find the people who you know have the good heart who are ready to elevate and you know you really put energy into those people um and empathy into those people who want more and if they mess up here and there it's okay. Um that's what I did a lot with my team, but I knew that they had a good heart and they weren't gonna deceive me, the ones who I saw it deceived me. I kind of cut because they weren't ready to be around me yet. Um So that's how I operate. I definitely give people chances and very empathetic, but uh you just got you gotta want the best for yourself. So where do you find your employees honestly? All I got pretty lucky um they were all friends of friends in the group that would come in uh train them from, you know not knowing anything to everything or so very meticulous. Now I'm bringing people in who have skill but we have the culture so down that you know, I let everyone know, you know, I'm watching you, I'm not listening to you. So you know, I'm expecting a high level of energy of, you know uh b I want you to be happy, I want you to grow, I want you to become better as a human being. You know, I mean I have your back, but if you show me that you're gonna be deceiving, you know, I'm gonna let you go regardless of your skill. Um And I usually give people 3 to 6 months because if someone can act longer than six months without letting their ego in there, they should be uh winning an Oscar at that point. So what what is your plan for Cabinet Cody King's moving forward. Yeah. So Right now I just bought the, I got the shop next to us. So it's another 2000 square foot shop. So I'm trying to do uh 12 to 14 jobs by the end of the year, I will hire people who are um skilled at the craft. So I don't know how to spend so much time training because now we do have a great training system. Um After that we wanna go probably do three, probably get up to five shops around florida. Um and then decide if I wanna keep the the business, you know, in house and and grow it around, you know, the United States, or if I kinda just want to sell the systems to people outside the United States um where they can, you know, I can consult them uh and they can just buy the process or you know, I could um Yeah, well, see, I, I don't know, I go with the flow with those things, so we'll see what happens. Sure. Um yeah, Alex man, this has, this has been incredible. Talk about a deep dive into the, the psyche required for success. It definitely feels like you've got it pretty dialed in here. Do you have anything else, any other piece of advice that you would want to share with our listeners who kind of see your success and and want to achieve something similar, or even even if they're not focused on the dollar success um want to want to try to achieve this kind of mindset. Yeah, I'll tell you, I was, I would say I was 10 years ago, um I was addicted to substances, um I did not care about anyone else, I was totally selfish um and there's no way I would be here now um without, you know the right group that I surrounded myself with, but I ended up, I'm pretty much trying to say you could change how you think, how you act, um how you are on, like, a representation of that of a totally different human being than I was before, and it takes time. So give yourself time, Believe in yourself, call yourself phenomenal, like I had, I called Tanner and I have like two more other friends were, I'll call them every other day and I'll just be like, hey, you're phenomenal because people at the top or who own their own business, they only get complaints all day. So Brandon, you're phenomenal, you're phenomenal, you do some phenomenal things, you help so many people. So if no one tells you that I'm gonna tell you that you're phenomenal and I really appreciate you, Everyone out there, you're phenomenal. Believe in yourselves, let yourselves grow, give yourselves time, just like working out, you know, if you never worked out before, you're not gonna be going to a competition in two months, okay? So I think if you never worked on your mind, think of yourself as a £400 guy going to the gym, Take this next year and take it slow, get down to £200, right, get down to £300, and then you go from there, it's a, it's your changing on an addiction, you're changing an autopilot in your brain. So it's gonna, it's gonna take time, it's gonna take awareness, it's gonna take discipline and belief and, and passionate work and yeah, but you can do it and it's beautiful and I'm working through it every day, guys what I preach to you, and I preach it so passionately, because if I don't, like I have to deep dive every day or I lose it, like my brain wants to go, so he wants to go back to the old Alex, so bad, but I say no, and I wake up in the morning and now I'm getting wisdom on how to be happier, like that gratitude thing I told you that was just like a realization a month ago, but it was like, aha, it was like yeah, why why I'm always wanting that next thing and I'm never happy. This is why I should appreciate everything now. Still go for the big things if I get it phenomenal. If not I have everything I want and I'm happy now and ever since I started doing that In the last three weeks, I've gotten 40 jobs, right? Yeah, I'm going for 20 this week, but if I get it awesome, if I don't I'm good. Yeah, yeah, I love it. So you're not, you're not accept, you're you're not stopping going for it, you're still going for it, but you're you're happy and you're okay either way. Mhm. Yeah, and you want it, like, you're like, yeah, let's go for this, right? Like your your you have faith in yourself to go for it and you're gonna, while you're going for it if you don't get it, you're not down on yourself. But then you go back through the week. All right, what can I do better this week to then get it, you know? And then you still have the faith in you and God or whoever your belief in the creator is. Um You gotta have that faith outside you because uh Tanner showed me something today when it's faith over fear. When you let faith go, fear takes you over, Fear will consume you. Like all day today. Like I just purchased that shop, like I just did the $2500 deposit like that. Now I have to do now I have a double the expense, right? Like That fear, Oh, are you gonna make it? Can you get the 12-14 jobs now? You gotta train the admin, can you do it too? I was all the negative thoughts coming and I'm like, I started just blocking it out. I'm like, no, I got God on me, I want this for me to be my best. I need to do this because I guess at some point didn't want the business, but I'm like, the business is what's allowing me to stretch and grow my mind and grow the faith and help all these other guys. So um you gotta do it and and you gotta start, you gotta go for it in faith. And um it's beautiful, man, If you fail, you get up and do it again, I felt so much, so much, but I don't see it like that, I'm like that was all experience that got me here to be rock solid and right, or rock and roll and and I'm just started, I'm just learning this stuff guys, like I'm just learning this stuff and look two years, 79 cents, I'm basically a millionaire now, if I sold my business, just letting you know, like it's that mindset, it was my mind that changed and then the abundance came, everything came okay, little tweak in the mind, get down the fairway, if you need any help, find me on instagram or something, you know, I could help you a little bit, you know, I'm not a, I would say professional mindset coach, I do help a lot of people who are millionaires who don't have a solid mindset, but they're good at business, but um you know, I just want to help people like with my business. If they weren't adding to my happiness, I would shut it down, I wouldn't have a business anymore. Like I go, I live by my rules, um and elevating everyone and only people who want to be elevated and great human beings who want to help the world could be around me and that's it, that's where I draw the line. Yeah, well Alex, I I appreciate that offer for people, I'm sure everyone listening appreciates it and and I'm willing to bet that that you're gonna get some people reaching out to you about that. So thank you for being willing to, to reach out and help people that are looking for that. Yeah, and then we do, I do a podcast with Tanner mullen on Mondays. Uh it's called mindset Mondays. It's pretty good. We dive into life situations and experiences and how we've grown over the years. So it's, it's something uh that people have enjoyed. So there's some good golden nuggets in there as well. And where can people find that? Uh, I think what his, well whatever, I don't know his podcast, um, I'll uh, I can send it to you and then you can put it in, send it, send it to me and we'll put it in the direction, so if anyone's listening to the contractor like that. No, I'll do it. Yeah, like I said, look, I'm not even into so much these podcasts things. I, I literally reached out to Jason Parish, which is phenomenal human being by the way. Um, and he got me, uh, you know, in contact with everyone doing the podcast because I wanted to share the mindset part of running a business that was my passion. So like I, I could get more, um, you know, into uh, you know, maybe doing a podcast or, you know, seeking that side out more, but I just really wanted to get this out, um, because I feel like it's it's huge in. Yeah, well thanks, thank you Alex, thank you for sharing your message and thank you for taking the time today, man, I really appreciate it. 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